Succession Planning

It’s a fortunate individual who has built a business with value that can outlast his or her own leadership tenure or lifetime. What such leaders help create can long continue to confer value that benefits customers, employees, owners and family members. Such success, however, doesn’t make for easy decisions about leadership transition.

Done well, succession planning in a family business or other closely held enterprise takes forethought, sensitivity and time. The professionals of The Suby Group can bring our significant experience and expertise in succession planning to bear on guiding a business toward successful leadership transition. We take the time to listen to all pertinent parties and to understand both the history and the trajectory of the company. We offer guidance and customized techniques for arriving at the set of decisions best for the business and for the family identified with it. Our guidance of the process helps assure those who built the business that they can leave it in capable hands. That process can both honor the company’s past and prepare it for the challenges and opportunities of a changing future. We also help guide the business and its principals in adopting the most efficient tax strategies regarding transfer of organizational ownership and personal wealth.

If you see the eventual need for succession planning in your family business or closely held enterprise, consider bringing The Suby Group into the process at an early opportunity. Your business and all involved stand to benefit from a succession that’s planned, orderly and sensitively guided.

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