Estate- and Gift-Tax Planning & Preparation

Some accumulated wisdom as well as a trove of memories and stories shared among loved ones will be part of the legacy of a life well-lived. So may be the passing on of wealth to succeeding generations. Some of that wealth transfer can happen in life, some thereafter. One role we at The Suby Group can play is offering guidance for making that transfer as tax-efficient as possible.

You likely know that you may currently make a gift of up to $14,000 ($28,000 for a married couple) per year to an individual without a gift-tax consequence. Giving beyond that level, if you desire to do it, requires appropriate planning to optimize its tax-efficiency. We at The Suby Group would be pleased to provide our expert insight about what can be done in that regard to accomplish your intentions, and we’ll prepare any needed tax filings for that purpose.

For us, preparing an estate-tax filing is a sad but important duty, one in which we have the needed expertise and significant experience. We especially appreciate having had the opportunity to work with a client early to ensure an estate is eventually dealt with according to his or her wishes and in a tax-efficient manner. A legacy is most effectively crafted by the client with the foresight to work with us and with other planning professionals well in advance to ensure that his or her estate-related intentions are carried out appropriately. We are always happy to provide our services for tax-planning purposes and for making any needed referrals for legal assistance related to wills, trusts and other instruments.

For a number of clients who have long-established relationships with The Suby Group principals, those professionals – including John Suby – act as trustees. On a monthly basis, key professionals of The Suby Group take part together in education sessions to ensure we are up-to-date with developments in estate planning and trust management.

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