Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

When a client comes to us unhappy from another accounting firm, it’s usually because of the firm’s lack of attention to detail – and repeated mistakes. When a client comes to us after relying on in-house bookkeeping, it’s often because of the loss of a key individual – and the knowledge that left with him or her. If you’re concerned about either sort of situation, we hope you’ll look to The Suby Group. We offer an unrivaled level of reliability and consistent attention to your company’s needs. Consider us your one-stop bookkeeping and general accounting shop. Our professionals will work closely with you to ensure that you can have the utmost confidence in your financial information and that you can concentrate on running your business rather than tabulating results.

We’ll do what’s needed to help you operate your business efficiently, reach your goals and grow profitability. Our focus on your numbers will help you succeed through focusing on the products or services your business provides its customers. And we’ll always have more than one professional on our staff who is conversant with your account and aware of your business needs. We put a premium on making sure you can reach at least one of those people at our offices during business hours (and their cell phone numbers are on the business cards they’ll hand you.)

We can relieve you of worry about all the necessary detail involved in paying employees, providing benefits and submitting the required reports. That’s what we do in providing your business with comprehensive payroll services, and we bring the same unmatched attention to detail in sales-and-use tax reporting. We help you make sure things are done correctly in these crucial areas (in which hefty penalties can otherwise apply). Count on the professionals of The Suby Group to meet your business needs with prompt and accurate processing as we …

  • Receive payroll information by email, fax, phone or polling of your software package
  • Prepare payroll checks and related materials, including:
    • o Garnishment & child-support checks and reports
    • o Eligibility reports for employee benefits
  • Use the positive-pay system to ensure checks written match payroll
  • Issue new-hire reports to state authorities
  • Calculate and pay federal, state and local payroll taxes on a timely basis
  • File payroll tax returns on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Prepare and mail year-end W-2 forms
  • Calculate and pay state and local sales-and-use taxes on a timely basis

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